Monday, May 14, 2012

(644) momma manatee

Mother's Day weekend was quite successful. I bought these flowers (below) from work and they are beautiful. I really love the Mason Jar as a vase (which I will totally do when I get my own place!). My mom really loved them. I made her cupcakes and my sister made French macarons. She does so much for our whole family. Thank you mom, we love you.

Red devil's food cupcakes with sour cream chocolate frosting. These are by far the most moist, chocolaty cupcakes I've ever made, I was so surprised! My mom claims they are my best yet. I adapted them from my go-to cupcake source: Ming! I've already made 6 of her cupcakes and I have many more to go!

I let my mom choose the sprinkles. Can't beat simplicity.

I have to admit, I am a little jealous that my sister defeated French macarons before me, but I am also super proud of her. What an interesting flavor to choose for a first time around too: saffron and cardamom. You wouldn't believe how delicious they are. I usually don't like a lot of saffron so these were perfect! She made them a little smaller but they were awesome! She filled them with a cardamom buttercream.

She also made this packaging for our mom! Note my recipe notebook!

Delicate and delicious. Took me right back to NYC

I have to say, I am really growing fond of homemade pizza. I still haven't made homemade GF pizza dough but the Udi's pizza crusts work really well. I'm sure that when I move out it'll be much easier to make pizza dough. This has been one of my favorite pizzas so far: kale red onion and pistachio pizza. This pizza hits all of my taste buds on a high note; the salty, almost bacon-like flavor of roasted/salted pistachios, the sweet red onion, the chewy green kale, hot thinly sliced garlic, and delicious-coma-inducing melted vegan jack cheese. I ate the whole thing in one sitting, and I recommend you follow suit.

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