Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Links

1. It's Friday! And these ginger beer margaritas sound prettttty good right about now.

2. I always look forward to seeing Megan's valentines day brunch post every year. Hopefully one day I can throw a brunch just as adorable as hers!

3. I'm currently eyeing these delicious looking baklava muffins or anything with pistachios lately. 

4. What happens when two of the most delicious vegetables get cross-pollinated? The answer is BrusselKale. I am so curious to know what it tastes like, but I highly doubt I can find them anywhere around here.

5. If I can sub fruity pebbles for froot loops, I am totally making this Momofuku inspired cereal cashew milk cake

6. After word got out that 'True Detective' was heavily influenced by this book and this one, both of their sales have shot up on Amazon. And we definitely bought the first one to read. Can't wait to read them over spring break! (More info on the mythology here)

7. It's been storming all morning, so these earl grey tea latte pancakes look absolutely perfect right now.

8. I've decided to make these GF V everything bagels over Spring Break because oh my gaaad. 

9. One of my favorite little bloggers wrote a post about changing dreams, which really resonated with me. Recently, I've really been struggling with this problem and this post was incredibly comforting to me. Thanks, A Beautiful Mess! 

10. Top with Cinnamon is writing a cookbook! Which is insane because she's only 18! She takes some of the most beautiful photos of lovely baked goods, so check her site out if you haven't already!

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