Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Links

1. The True Detective opening is already awesome, but when you add cats, it's incredible.

2. Things you should never say to a film buff...I'm so guilty of most of these annoying me.

3. I used this "life hack" to de-seed a pomegranate in 10 seconds. The verdict? It actually works! I was amazed at how fast the pomegranate seeds were falling out. I always thought that de-seeding them was so time consuming, but never again! 

4. Alright, call me obsessed but this article on True Detective drove me crazy. I can't wait until the season finale, which just happens to be the last day of Spring Break (i.e. I am re-watching every single episode, plus catching up on GOT). Do you have any theories about what is really happening in the show? I will post mine in the comments if anyone is interested!

5. Beck's new album is finally out, and I'm in love with it.

6. This pomegranate negroni looks perfect (now that I can de-seed a pomegranate!). 

7. One of my favorite desserts as a kid was banana pudding with the nilla wafers and meringue topping. Obviously, I can't have that anymore, but this raw banana cream pie looks like a more than suitable alternative!

8. Campari chip ice cream?!! I am totally going to veganize this...and make it over Spring Break since I don't know a single person that loves Campari as much as I do.

9. Could gluten be the cause of some of our most common ailments, like dementia or even ADHD? I don't whole completely agree with the author of "Grain Brain", but this article was a very interesting read about the affect of carbohydrates and gluten on the brain in general. 

10. This little girl named Mayhem is my hero: "Make me a dress. And a fabulous headpiece."

11. We have another extra link this week because I seriously screamed when Isa posted this brussels sprouts fried rice on Instagram, and now there's a recipe. That I'm making immediately. Isa always gets me.

12. Okay, apparently I can't stick to ten links but these edible art masterpieces are AWESOME. I've actually seen that Jackson Pollock in person so I laughed at the thought of it being a giant rice krispie treat. 


  1. I want a pom negroni also!! YUM.

    1. I KNOW. Anything with Campari is a winner in my book.


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