Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Favorites

1. buffalo wing popcorn is perfect for Oscars night
2. a beautiful, dark (and late) valentines themed martini
3. need a smile? adoptable dogs in produce should do the trick
4. drooling over double chocolate coconut strawberry brownies
5. I recently made cauliflower wings, and now I want to try these
6. this salad involves pan-crisping deviled eggs and I'm all about it
7. setsubun is beautiful and this post is a great read
8. vegan Ben and Jerrys is finally a thing
9. some pretty creepy films were watched by Nixon in the White House
10. here's a helpful list of new cocktails to try if you like their inspired originals
11. been having a love affair with all things Japan lately and this japanese avocado toast looks tops
12. diamond ring jello shots - need I say more?
13. she had me at marshmallow and again at blood orange sugar (and some more with champagne)
14. sometimes I need to explain the pleasures of reading a recipe, which this article details very well

Lazy Hamlet cat in the sun

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