Tuesday, September 4, 2012

(779) Til Love and Fame to nothingness do sink

It looks like I cooked a lot this weekend, maybe, or had too much free time on my hands. in any case, I have a lot of things to share. I made new things, mostly, and have been lazy as holy hell all weekend since it was a three day one. hopefully I'll get my hardworking self back soon!

Friday off: fries from Emma Key's and a book

first time ever making iced green tea, and I had a bunch of leftover tarragon. so I made tarragon lime green tea. it was good (and made great photos!) but definitely was quite tart for my taste. I would suggest adding more honey (1/2 C) or perhaps less lime juice and it would be great. but I gave it a shot!

simple friday lunch to myself: pan-fried squash topped with lemon juice, olive oil, fresh basil and salt.

gluten-free and dairy-free chocolate chip pancakes and bacon for Saturday breakfast. definitely paid for eating 4 pancakes and bacon all day long. it was good, but I still haven't fully mastered the art of making pancakes. I think the batter was way too thick, which happens sometimes when gluten-free pancake batter. next time, I want them to be thin and perfect!

I finally made pesto, which was super easy and quite spicy. I used nutritional yeast instead of parm and it was great. I didn't have much use for it so I plan on freezing it in ice cube trays tomorrow just to have on hand.

do you ever fix a meal that is really good, but you're still feeling "meh"? that's how I felt with these. pieces of GF artisan bread topped with caramelized onions, pesto and heirloom tomato. it was too peppery for me and I just couldn't dig it. sometimes I think my tastebuds take days off.

now on to new favorites: these oatmeal zucchini cookies have been on my mind ever since I read Nicole's post on Eat This Poem. they were perfect and tasted just like chocolate chip zucchini bread in cookie form. I really enjoyed that they had coconut oil instead of butter too. they were so easy to make, and even more of a delight to share! everyone was surprised/hesitant at the zucchini.

I've had this blog long enough to know that I've ranted more than a few times about making homemade pizza dough...well I did it! kind of. I used a Hogsdon Mill boxed GF mix and I have to say...it was perfect and so so easy. I was dumbfounded at why I never did it sooner. sometimes it's nerve wracking to do something new in the kitchen, and pizza crust was one of them. more specifically, it was using yeast that made me scared. but I did it and the crust was nothing short of amazing! seriously the best pizza I've had in a long time. we used a whole wedge of jack Daiya cheese, heirloom tomatoes, garlic, red pepper flakes, an all-natural pizza sauce from Whole Foods, and Applegate Farms sunday bacon. it was the most perfect pizza. next time I will be making it totally homemade however. I hope it turns out as well as this did!

after eating all that pizza (which is now, sadly, all gone), I needed a light dinner tonight. so I decided to finish off my artisan loaf of GF bread with a pairing of this salad, which has pretty much become my go to salad.

and finally, a giant bottle of wine to get me through at least 5 readings of this book for 2 different classes. happy cooking!

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