Friday, August 31, 2012

(775) chevrefoil et lanval

My flu is gone, so I'm back in the swing of school (thankfully). I'm also thankful to say that I have this Monday off for Labor Day which means a picnic may be in the works!

Cory brought me crockpot chicken curry and jasmine rice while I was sick. It was so lovely and made me ready for Autumn!

a new twist on my mom's favorite flu remedy: corn chowder, but this time with added fennel bulb and tarragon. the fennel and tarragon's anise flavors worked really well together to make a warm, comforting soup. corn chowder will always be one of my favorites.

I couldn't bake cupcakes last week, so we bought some gluten/dairy-free zucchini, squash, carrot cupcakes with a tofu frosting from Whole Foods. I paired this with some comforting chamomile tea.

another of my mother's classics: simple pan-fried squash, to which I added basil. there is seriously nothing better than fried squash and I may try my hand at frying zucchini later today!

I've been making an attempt to make new things that interest me in the kitchen to learn more about flavors, techniques, etc. this week I've been trying to put my freezer to good use by making these smoothie cups (and also by freezing soup!). this recipe will yield 5 smoothies and is a great time saver. they aren't very filling, however, so you could sub rice milk and add protein powder when you make the actual smoothie.

again on the recurring thing of trying new things: I finally used my immersion blender to make Joy's soup. this has become one of my favorite, easiest soups to make. I really loved the texture and spice of it too. thyme works amazingly well next to tomatoes. I froze the leftovers, which I'll mention on my next post!

flu is finally gone!

this quinoa salad was good to have in the fridge a few days this week. it was also a quick snack for a study group!

colorful, local NC vegetables

post-mouth-numbing-dentist-visit-smoothie (this is when the smoothie cups come in hand!) also, Adventure Time cup!

the study method that isn't supported by most colleges.

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