Thursday, March 6, 2014

Les Bouchées Quotidiennes

Things have been crazy around here, hence the lack of recipes, and I haven't been cooking every night. But spring break starts after class tomorrow (!!!) so hopefully I will get back on track with school and cooking!

I've been eyeing this mujaddara for years now. It's quick, easy, and the only thing I had to buy was vegan yogurt. It seems like such a simple dish, but the flavors go together so well. I also love caramelized onions, which is one of the main components of this dish. There are many variations on this dish, but this is the one I made. Highly recommended for a busy night when you just want something simple!

I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but I got a breadmaker for Christmas (thanks Mama Gulick!). This weekend, she showed me how easy it is to make bread in a breadmaker using this mix. The result was wonderful! A light, airy not dense or mouth-scraping GF bread! I will definitely be making more bread soon. It's hard to eat Udi's bread after having fresh GF bread!

Some delicious cranberry cider I bought for the ice storm on Monday.

I'm definitely putting this in my easy weeknight meal rotation! I used this easy ginger shallot broccoli recipe, cooked brown rice and this spicy tofu recipe for an easy dinner. I doubled the tofu sauce, which I poured over the tofu after pan-frying so that it would glaze it better. The result was an amazingly easy Asian dinner! If you're interested in me doing a post of easy weeknight meals, please leave a comment below!

I've had this blood orange olive oil cake for YEARS now, and I finally made it! It was one of the first recipes I converted to GF when I first started baking. The result was a tender, orange-flecked cake with a great crust. I think the blood orange compote on top would make it even better, but I only had three blood oranges. For conversions, I used: scant 1/2 C vegan unsweetened yogurt, 1 C millet flour, 1/2 C sorghum flour, 1/4 C tapioca starch and 1 tsp xanthan gum. 

Confession: I have never had a real Reuben before. But like many things, I have now had the vegan version! We used GF bread, sauerkraut, this tempeh recipe, and this Russian dressing recipe. This made a very easy and delicious sandwich! Also, it's likely that you have most of these things on hand to make them all the time (which is great)! We served ours with homemade Cajun fries

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  1. I've never had a real reuben either! But our local vegan diner makes a killer one that I think the real one would probably never compare...


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