Thursday, August 2, 2012

(736) home sweet home

things have been pretty mellow here. school starts in 2 weeks and some days. I go to the beach Sunday! ready for a vacation and also for school to start!

nothing I love more than a simple meal, hard cider, and a dear friend. I am always willing to trade dinner for drinks. always. 

makings for the first soup I'll make

delicious lentil soup for two topped off with fresh lemon juice

one of the best friends in my life. pretty much a brother to me

breakfast for Ashley and I: dill scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, strawberries, toast, and juice boxes

delicious two-toned squash. sauteed this with onions and served with buttered pasta

orange colored tomato, red onion + balsamic vinegar salad

first time making (perfect) hard-boiled eggs resulted in dill egg salad

oven baked vegan nachos

finally tried this wine! suits me just fine

//1. spiced chickpea zucchini saute
//2. quick lentil soup for one
//3. breakfast nachos

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