Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Links

1. Some of the most overlooked Wes Anderson costumes are some of the greatest.

2. Someone (awesome) turned Jeff Goldblum's laugh from 'Jurassic Park' into a song. Definitely the highlight of my week.

3. This king cake is so beautiful! I love the marzipan topping instead of sanding sugar.

4. This is definitely the coolest thing I found this week: what a tree ring sounds like on a record player. 

5. Homemade vegan GF doritos sound SO GOOD. I have to admit, I envy anyone who eats the cool ranch ones because they were so good (although I know they're bad!). 

6. I LOVE this list of books you should read based on childhood favorites! 'James at the Giant Peach'/'Kafka on the Shore' is a pretty accurate pairing since they are two of my favorite books!

7. Apparently a box set of all Wes Anderson soundtracks is being released this year.  If it comes out on vinyl, I will be SO happy.

8. Using vinyl covers to match parts of the body. This was so awesome.

9. This GF/dairy-free German chocolate cake looks DIVINE!

10. Wondering what the cocktail above is? It's the burly Temple (grenandine, ginger ale, bourbon). If you haven't checked out Make for 365 you must! It's one of my favorite cocktail sites. This lady vowed to make a new cocktail every day for an entire year!

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