Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Les Bouchées Quotidiennes

I finally tried the wonderpot pasta that has been all over Pinterest! Because you cook everything together, the natural starch from the pasta creates a wonderfully thickened and flavorful sauce. It takes less than 5 minutes to prep and it's only on the stove for a total of 15 mins. No draining and only one pan! How crazy is that? I left the spinach out because Mike cannot eat it, but it was still delicious. Here is a spinach artichoke variation and here is a vegan eggplant + mushroom version.

I used to LOVE ordering fajitas at Mexican restaurants, so I'm not sure how it's taken me til' now to make a vegan version! These roasted chickpea, onion, pepper fajitas were so easy to make and they taste authentic! I made my own fajita mix because all the store bought varieties had horrible ingredients, so I used this simple recipe. Also, don't skip the cashew cilantro crema. It makes the dish even more delicious and is a good replacement for avocado, if you don't have any. And if you're anything like me, you'll want to serve these with strawberry daquiris.

Usually when I roast vegetables for soup, I just puree everything together and that's it. This is a normal tomato soup with the usual stuff, but with the addition of roasted cauliflower. The result is a lovely tomato soup with lots of swiss chard and delicious roasted bites of cauliflower. Next time I think I'll roast a whole head of garlic and add it for more roasty flavor. This soup is perfect for a cold winter night, for those of you with normal weather!

The perfect ice storm lunch: soba noodle miso soup with tons of kimchi + sriracha. Just cook some soba noodles (one bundle), then make miso broth. Pour broth over noodles and add lots of kimchi, then sriracha. Add any greens or vegetables you have on hand!

It's been quite a long time since I've made chili. I think I can blame being on a meal plan for this since there was a chili recipe almost every week, and none of them were very good. I decided to try again with this slow-cooker potato curry chili, since it's not a "standard" chili. The result was great, especially with lots of lime juice and hot sauce! This chili doesn't take long to pull together and is great for a cold night!

I made something a little different for dinner one night: vegan chickpea pancakes with soy gourt, cilantro and spiced roasted rainbow carrots. I also made some garlicky sauteed Swiss chard. These pancakes were SO easy to make and a nice change in pace from our usual dinner. The carrots were also delicious, and colorful! I like to think that maybe this will force Spring to come around soon because I am SO sick of snow/ice.

Recently, my wonderful mom gave me a jar of miso horseradish kimchi so I made some kimchi fried rice for dinner tonight. It was one of the quickest, easiest meals I've made in a while. We were out of green onions, so I just made plan kimchi rice with the other ingredients, plus eggs over easy, sriracha and cilantro. I think it would be easy to add any other vegetables you have in the fridge as well! To make vegan, just scramble some tofu where the recipe says pork/seafood (which I obviously left out). 

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