Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Links

1. Maybe it's because I want warmer weather, or because Molly is my favorite, but these marzipan peach hand pies are SO cute. And anything almond is automatically my favorite.

2. These photos of low-cost cosplay made me chuckle. They certainly saved the best for last.

3. I'm not gonna lie, it was hard for me to read about cricket flour bars without gagging, but I'm curious: would you try it? I'm an adventurous cook in my own kitchen, but I don't think I could eat milled crickets. Blech.

4. This mash-up of True Detective and King of the Hill is almost too perfect!

5. The set for American Horror Story's fourth season has been released! So excited! I still have some catching up to do from Season 3. 

6. The cutest thing I found on the Internet this week: this video of a baby bulldog who loves rolling down hills!

7. Have you seen the trailer for the new FX show, Fargo? It looks amazing! Can't wait!

8. This isn't brand new, but I finally looked into Turntable Kitchen and realized its a monthly box with food goodies, recipes and a vinyl! WHAT?? I don't think all of the recipes are vegetarian and I'm not sure it's customizable, but this is such an awesome idea!

9. I've been making kimchi soba or miso soup a lot lately, so this sweet potato sriracha noodle soup sounds incredible right now! (PS: so does this sriracha lime spiked miso ramen)

10. I can't wait for The Grand Budapest Hotel to get here! In the mean time, watch this supercut of centered shots from Wes Anderson's films. 

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