Friday, April 6, 2012

(607) appetite in literature

lots of good things happening lately. saw Taxi Driver in 35mm last night, finally picked up Murakami's "Wind up Bird Chronicle" again (hence the title of this post) and I've been cooking a lot. feeling very healthy lately.

this smashed chickpea + avocado sandwich was just what I needed. I was tired but needed to eat something delicious and easy. it's as simple as smashing everything together in a bowl. the only downside is that the salad part is only good for the day it's made, but I managed to eat all of it with my sister. lime juice + cilantro + green onions + avocado = drool

 another quick and easy vegetarian meal: scrambled egg "tacos" but I left it with out the shells. this was delicious, protein-heavy (which is good after a day of not so much) and flavorful. I really enjoyed the fresh cilantro

juicing has really grown on me over time. I had a smoothie and juice yesterday which seems a little overboard. this one was: grapefruit, double lemon, parsley, beet, carrot, kale and cilantro. I can't wait to move out and buy my own Omega juicer

buttermilk french toast
dutch baby pancake + caramelized vanilla bean pears
healthy banana coconut muffins
grapefruit avocado smoothie
six-seed soda bread
blueberry peach muffins + chia seeds
carrot apple + coconut pancakes
coconut crusted french toast

beet green chopped salad
parsley root fries + roasted tomato ketchup
chipotle's corn salsa
kale + quinoa cakes
japanese brown rice crackers
broccolini salad
best veggie burger (using leftover beet pulp!!)
carrot ginger brown rice
wine + dinner pairing party

date almond coconut balls
blueberry cupcakes
vegan chocolate cake blizzard
sweet berry galette
meyer lemon cupcakes + curd

Food for Thought
food combining for optimal digestion

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