Saturday, April 21, 2012

(621) battle royale with cheese

spring has surely sprung! so I've been trying to use more seasonal/delicious green produce! I made Heidi's broccolini salad with regular broccoli since Whole Foods didn't have any yet...but it was amazing! nothing better than hot chile oil, croutons, and almonds. I chopped a hard boiled egg into my salad too!

another new favorite to make year round: leftover loaf pan frittata. I can see swapping out the veggies to fit the season. we used potatoes (also served on the side), corn, and shallot. my mom also garnished it with vampire killer kale chips (how creative!) and paprika. amazing

 another spring/summer tradition I started last year was making joy's frozen bananas dipped in chocolate. they are so easy to make and really great if you have a lot of bananas that you don't plan to use. I don't feel too guilty eating them either: it's just bananas, vegan chocolate and peanuts!

this pasta. is so amazing. I loved the swiss chard with pine nuts, and then a bite of capers or olives. I'm starting to cook more from Joanne because her recipes are simple and so so good. she also posts more than any other food blog I follow (4-5 times a week it feels like!) check her out. she is awesome!

to keep the seasonal theme going, my mom and I made this tartine from Heidi yesterday. nothing better than garlic rubbed toast with avocado, garlicky quick sauteed asparagus, spinach and pepitas! it was a very delicious/filling lunch. 
I also just made these cardamom lemon cookies which were supposed to be shortbread, but as you can see, they turned out a bit crispy and flat. they are still awesome though! I'm going to serve them with champagne mango, pineapple basil sorbet and pistachios. I read on David Lebowitz website that if you beat butter and sugar too long, it can create too much air in the cookies which causes cookies to spread. you can read the rest of the article here

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